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Casual Easter - white with purple

Time to head back to work and office tomorrow. Before that a set from the past weekend featuring this time a bit more color than usual.

Wearing gabo napoli blazer

Color in celebration of Easter - how to wear purple

As said many times - wearing bright colors should not be an end in itself but of course sometimes there are occasions that it is alright to wear some a bit more bold. An Easter could be described as that kind of occasion. As we on Saturday headed for a coffee to the city I decided to test my new G.Abo Napoli sport coat and trousers by Rose&Born which I also got last week from alterations. After some contemplation I decided to combine them with my purple cashmere roll neck sweater - as there probably (and hopefully) ain't that many occasions to wear roll necks this spring anymore.

The sport coat as mentioned is from G.Abo Napoli. A very light weight, unstructured piece featuring a subtle brown and dark blue overcheck on a blue background. Two patch pockets and and 3-roll-2 buttoning making it quite casual and perfect to be worn with corduroy and denim although I'm personally definitely going to wear it in the office as well with some flannel and cotton slacks.

The trousers made by Rose&Born are actually my first pair of corduroy trousers for quite a while now. In case looking for a corduroy with this thick stripes it must be years since the last time. 

In terms of colors I think purple and white go very nicely and seamlessly together. As purple is quite a bold and dominating color one must keep that in mind and the other colors restrained enough. The brown suede boots and the brown details of the pocket square work as a balancing elements here and the sport coat in this case binds the whole ensemble together.

White corduroy Trousers Rose&BornG.Abo Napoli sport coat G.Abo Napoli details - 2 G.Abo Napoli details G.Abo Napoli details - 3


Sport coat: G.Abo Napoli Roll neck: Uniqlo Trousers: Rose&Born

Pocket square: Berg&Berg Shoes: Loake

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