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5x sport coats for summer ´15

It seems that we are finally getting summer here in Scandinavia as well and at the same time sale seasons are already knocking on the door. Mr. Porter for example already started summer sale on their American website and if everything goes as usual, Europe will follow in a couple of weeks.However, just because the weather keeps getting warm and sun starts shining more and more does not mean you shouldn't wear a jacket. It just means you should swap out your lined, all-weather, dark colored heavy wool and flannel suits and sport coats for something that's a bit more easy and lightweight. That means unlined, unstructured jackets with more casual details such as patch pockets and 3-roll-2 button closure....

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Casual Easter - white with purple

Time to head back to work and office tomorrow. Before that a set from the past weekend featuring this time a bit more color than usual. Color in celebration of Easter - how to wear purple As said many times - wearing bright colors should not be an end in itself but of course sometimes there are occasions that it is alright to wear some a bit more bold. An Easter could be described as that kind of occasion. As we on Saturday headed for a coffee to the city I decided to test my new G.Abo Napoli sport coat and trousers by Rose&Born which I also got last week from alterations. After some contemplation I decided to combine them...

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Restrained seasonal inspiration by Finealta

Two favorite manufacturers and brands of mine seems to be brought together as the fall and winter look book by Korean trousers maker Finealta is this time featured with blazers and overcoats by Italian G.Abo. Charasteristic of both is to bring modern and personal details to otherwise classic garments. Whereas G.Abo makes jackets that feature the classic neapolitan tailoring and style combined with bold patterns and recognizable elements such as the wide lapels, Finealta makes modern interpretations of trousers that are as suitable for office wear as they are for casual occasions - depending the way you choose to combine them. For this season Finealta has come up with a couple of new models (which unfortunately have been available only...

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G. Abo Napoli - distinctive Neapolitan tailoring

As a Thursday throwback taking a look of G.Abo Napoli, a brand I guess many people interested in #menswear have heard but still do not much much about. In June while Pitti Uomo in Florence I paid a visit at their "showroom" together with the guys from Sauma to take a bit closer look of their offerings for the next spring and summer season. G.Abo Napoli - neapolitan tailoring G.Abo is a company run by two cousins - Gianfranco and Giuseppe. In 2006 decided to bring back alive an old family company originally founded by their grandfather. By mixing tradition and fashion with a pretty distinctive Neapolitan house style the company wants to offer well-made garments still featuring a reasonable price tag. For...

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