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07/06/2015 - Casual Summer Sunday

Today a short sneak peek into an outfit appropriate for a casual city stroll. For sunny and warm (yet a bit windy) Sunday I decided to go for a semi-casual combination featuring some linen, suede and lightweight denim. And my new Balmuir Panama hat.

Balmuir panama hat - 3

Linen in different forms

A while ago I wrote about linen shirts and as mentioned there in terms of summer and lighter fabrics choices linen is for many the ultimate choice.

Today I decided to go for linen myself as well - in two different forms. First of all I took my blue linen safari jacket out of the closet for the first time this summer. The jacket is made by Italian Gutteridge. I bought it two years ago from Florence as my luggage got delayed and I needed a jacket to wear for the first days of Pitti Uomo that time. Nowadays I don't use the jacket that often but  for this kind of a wear - days when you want to wear a jacket but would like to have something even less formal than your basic sport coats, it is very appropriate choice.

Second piece of linen comes in the form of trousers. Trousers that are actually being worn for the first time. I recently got a two new pairs from my friend Hugh, running Korean Finealta and after a little tailoring they are ready, just in time for summer and traveling to Italy. The model name of the trousers featured here is Morocco, made of cotton-linen fabric. When it comes to trousers and jackets I personally like this kind of a mixture-cloth even more than pure linen-cloths as the cotton gives the trousers (or a jacket) a bit more structure and prevents wrinkling but the fabric is still lightweight and breathable, thanks to linen.  And well, is there anything more suitable color for summer trousers than white - I don't think so.

Finealta Moroccon trouserswearing a linen safari jacket details denim shirt massimo dutti details linen safari jacket

Trying to pull off a Panama hat

I need to admit I have never been that much into hats. That's mostly because I think it really requires a lot from anyone to be able to pull of the look without looking like just trying to hard. And it's also a fact that "pulling off the look" is not just about one's skills but also the overall look and appearance.

However, as we were on Friday visiting the showroom of Finnish company Balmuir (more about that coming up later) and they were kind to offer me one of their Panama hats to try. As the Pitti Uomo as well as our little holiday at Lake Como is just around the corner I decided to take my chances and give the hat a try.

There is just one pic here presenting me with the hat and I need to say there is still some practice and try-outs to do so that I can make it work as it should. Let's hope I can make it without looking like those guys pictured in the meme-pics going around the web - otherwise need to pass the hat to my spouse who based on couple times of trying it out seems to rock it quite elegantly.

As usual - no big play or tricks with the colors. Shades of blue and white basically dominates my selection of summer clothing and the denim shirt in light indigo color smoothly combines the upper and lower parts of the outfit.

And finally dark brown suede loafers as a footwear choice to keep the balance between different parts and complement the colors.

wearing balmuir panama hat -2wearing balmuir panama hat details balmuir panama hat


Safari jacket: Gutteridge Shirt: Massimo Dutti Trousers: Finealta 

Shoes: Crockett&Jones Panama hat: Balmuir

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