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07/06/2015 - Casual Summer Sunday

Today a short sneak peek into an outfit appropriate for a casual city stroll. For sunny and warm (yet a bit windy) Sunday I decided to go for a semi-casual combination featuring some linen, suede and lightweight denim. And my new Balmuir Panama hat. Linen in different forms A while ago I wrote about linen shirts and as mentioned there in terms of summer and lighter fabrics choices linen is for many the ultimate choice. Today I decided to go for linen myself as well - in two different forms. First of all I took my blue linen safari jacket out of the closet for the first time this summer. The jacket is made by Italian Gutteridge. I bought it two years...

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Casual summer inspiration by Massimo Dutti

In general one can find very varying opinions regarding Massimo Dutti, their selection and the quality of their pieces, especially in terms of their men’s selection.  I’ve personally always been kind of in favor for the aesthetics and overall look of their pieces and considered that MD is definitely an option worth considering especially for anyone looking to build up a wardrobe on a bit more limited budget. Although it needs to be said that MD is also (as H&M, Gutteridge, Uniqlo etc) a place where one need to be careful and “know what to buy” as there are pieces in the mix where the price and quality unfortunately are not in balance. As Massimo Dutti a while ago started...

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