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How to wear monochrome colors

Can men wear outfits featuring monochrome colors? Usually when talking about "how to combine colors" or "how to wear different colors together", one of the first rules is to ensure that you have enough contrast between different pieces of your outfit. In general there are at least two points that should always be kept in mind.
  1. Wear a shirt that is lighter than your jacket
  2. Wear a tie that is darker than your shirt
id="attachment_9466" align="alignnone" How can men wear monochrome colors - blue on blue on blueDark blue grenadine tie with a seersucker sport coatChristian Kimber pocket square with Lardini jacketCarmina double-monk shoes and finealta trousersJPG These Carmina double monks are probably the most worn pair in my rotation at the moment. They are suitable with suits, flannel slacks and even with denim.

Sum Up 

In general monochrome outfits are more appropriate for semi-casual occasions. For the most formal or business-oriented ones it is best to go for variation.. For example for a autumnal office day this kind of an outfit featuring a flannel shirt with a sport coat and casual flannel slacks is quite optimal. Another way to wear a dark colored shirt like the one worn here could be to combine it with a gray and lightweight flannel suit. So as can be seen here it is important to understand the basic principles of "rules" considering how to dress well. After you have acknowledged the rules and their meanings you can start to adapt them. And at that point wearing totally monochrome ensembles for example can be possible.  

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