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Saman Amel - quality neckwear from Sweden

I’ve said this before but one thing I personally value a lot is seeing people going after their dreams and making them come true. 


Last June in Pitti Uomo I once again had the pleasure to meet a lot of new people and make new friends. One of the guys I met was a young Swede, Saman Amel - one of the two guys behind the young brand Saman Amel, based in Stockholm and specialized in ties and other accessories.

Made in Sweden 

One of things the guys behind Saman Amel are rightly proud is the fact that all products are not just designed but as well produced personally by their own team in Stockholm, Sweden.

The main focus is on ties, which they offer both “ready-to-wear” and through their “bespoke service” - All naturally handmade, using materials such as cotton, raw silk, linen, wool and cashmere. 

The ready-to-wear-line includes options mainly with two different constructions - 6-fold and 7-fold and the prices vary from 120 euros to 140 euros. The collection of this fall is generally the second one for the company and in terms of materials and colors they seemed to have focused especially to staples that every guy should have in their wardrobe such as cashmere and wool in different shades of grey and blue. 

One nice detail they also offer on all orders is the chance to have your tie with a hand embroidered monogram. 

The price for bespoke service - where you can choose the fabric, dimensions, construction and details starts at 165‚¬.



Saman wearing his own products - what else.

Recently I had a chat with Saman and after that he and Dag, the other part behind the brand were kind enough to take their time to share some thoughts about their style and the brand Saman Amel.

1) “Who are you” guys?

As of right now we are two persons moderating the business of the brand. Myself and my dear friend Dag Granath.

Besides our work with the brand we are both employed by the Swedish fashion house J.Lindeberg. I handle the made to measure service of the company at the J.Lindeberg flagship store in Stockholm. Dag is currently working at the design dept. at the head office of the company while at the same time conducting studies in communication and copywriting in Stockholm.

Me and Dag met a long time ago, sometime around 2003-2004. We played football together and instantly developed a great friendship. Later on, in 2009, we worked together at the head office of another brand based in Stockholm. It was during this time that our ideas of starting our own brand focusing upon premium neckwear was being put into practice.


2) How would you describe, what are the “corner stones” of your own style?

That is a hard question. Generally speaking I think I am attracted to quality and good craftsmanship and I try to always let the key pieces of my wardrobe reflect this.

I'm more into double breasted stuff than Dag, however, both of us are drawn to good design and good quality. It doesn't really matter if you're wearing a pair of jeans or a suit, the quality will always define what you are wearing and make it look good! Good shoes are definitely a key element in my own style I'd say.


3) What inspires you / How do you find inspiration?

We have been having this discussion internally within the brand several times actually and both I and Dag have concluded that we both, obviously, are interested in menswear or "men's fashion" if you will, however, in terms of inspirations we often look elsewhere.

I'm very interested in how certain garments, colors, textures or fabrics can make the impression of "just working". Some things are just natural in themselves. To us, this is something ageless. Something that lasts. It can be hard to define but I think that when you experience something that is "just working" then you definitely know it.

When good design meets handcraft and quality this feeling arises. The feeling that you only need this specific item and that there are no others like it. Like a pair of Alden or Alfred Sargent shoes €“ the design is so clean and the handcraft behind them just makes them more beautiful with age. Or for that matter a perfect white t-shirt €“ so simple, yet so full of nuances.

To us that is something truly inspiring.


4) And how would you then describe the style of Saman Amel brand (and ties) What makes the difference between you and other houses?

I think that there are several aspects of the Saman Amel "style". We always try to found our collections upon soberness in fabrics and colours. We work a lot with tones of grey, blue, brown and green. I think that it is important that our handicraft and the fabrics get to speak for themselves €“ our unique selling point is beyond doubt just that and not extravagant patterning.

However, we are constantly developing the aesthetic language of the brand and the coming seasons you will see more graphical patterns from Saman Amel. We have been discussing this internally and we really feel that this development ought to be a organic one that has to take the time it needs.


5) I know you are already working hard for the upcoming seasons, so what will we see for next spring and summer season? What’s gonna be “the thing”?

The next season is gonna be a huge step forward to us. We have been planning the storytelling of the collection much more carefully than before and I really think this will show. I think we are learning more and more for each season and the SS14 is definitely more professionally planned than prior seasons.

Concerning trends I hope to see more graphic expression. It would be fun to see if abstract and unexpected patterns could really be worked into the market and not just seen as unsellable complements.

#menswear speaking I think we'll se a lot more of the single monkstraps which I think is on the rise. Lapels remain wide but I think that trousers are becoming a little longer this season. Trends are hard to predict, but after the 10th of January I supposed we know, haha!


The “Saman Amel team”, which will make their first appearance at Pitti Uomo in the upcoming fair in January. Looking forward to see their booth.

And even though I do not have personal experience of their products yet, I still dare to say that if you want your tie to be made with care, passion, character and pride - you may want to give these guys a try.

Pics courtesy of Saman Amel

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