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How many pairs of shoes does a man need?

Yesterday as I got the newest addition, a pair of Buttero tanino sneakers into my collection - I once again started to think the question how many pairs of shoes does a man need… The pair mentioned took the overall amount to be around 45 pairs - give or take one or two as some pairs are missing from the pictures which I shot last night. So in general I could probably say that I have my basics covered.

I actually haven't  purchased any dress shoes or casual leather shoes for a while now as I’ve been concentrating to more casual options for summer such as superga sneakears, rivieras slip-ons and Nike flyknits.

The next pair will probably be a pair of suede mto-pennyloafers by Meermin . That is a pair I have actually been longing for a quite some time now as my recent pair is soon in the need for some refurbishing. It is also a fact that I am running out of space in my apartment so in the future bringing in a new pair will probably mean that some pair needs to go.

Dress shoes and casual shoes

When talking about men's shoes we need to make difference between dress shoes and casual footwear. The main difference between these two groups is of course the nature and style of the clothing the shoes are intended to be worn with.

In terms of dress shoes the first pair you buy should be a pair of black oxfords. That pair will take you through business-meetings, job interviews, weddings, funerals and all occasions where you need to wear a suit. After that you can go for brown and other types of footwear such as bluchers, loafers or monk shoes.

For casual wear there is no such rules regarding the first and foremost pair one should own. The selection is wide ranging from more dressed-up options such as loafers and chukka boots all the way to sneakers and more robust blucher or boots-options.

When you are buying shoes, go for muted and restrained colors that will never go out of style even though the trends might change. Shades of brown brown, black and white (for sneakers) are safe and solid choices.

shoe rotation - sneakers

superga sneakers

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Sum up - 7 pairs is all you need

Someone asked me a while a go if I had ever made any listings about essentials and if not, could I do some. Well let this be my list of “7 essential pairs of shoes”.

I think one could definitely get along with five pairs but I decided to make it seven. And this listing is made with a reference to my own current situation and partly influenced by work.

seven pairs of shoes a man needs

  1. Dark brown cap-toe balmoral oxfords (Crockett&Jones for Paul Smith)
  2. C&J handgrade made for Paul Smith on their 337 last. Maybe my favorite pair in terms of aesthetics of all my collection.

  3. Black cap-toe oxfords (Alfred Sargent)
  4. Every man needs to have a pair (or two) of black oxfords.

  5. Calf leather double monks (Cheaney)
  6. I could have picked the suede ones as well but lately I’ve wearing these a lot so they made the cut. One of my oldest pairs actually.

  7. Dark brown suede chukka boot (Loake)
  8. I’m really not a fan of Loake shoes (usually I dislike their lasts and designs) but the Pimlico is one of the best looking (and priced) models in the market in this category

  9. Suede penny loafers (Crockett&Jones)
  10. These C&J for Polo Ralph Lauren loafers actually had tassels in the first place but I had to move them as I lost the other tassel. Looking to replace this pair in the near future. However a pair of penny loafers made of suede is probably one of the most versatile summer shoes I know.

  11. Longwing brogues (Alfred Sargent)
  12. Never really been a man for bluchers but these longwings are great for casul combinations and to be worn with denim or even shorts in the summer.

  13. White Superga sneakers
  14. This list definitely needs a pair of classic sneakers and for me it means white supergas. 

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