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Shoe rotation - What is enough?

How many pairs of shoes does a man need?Yesterday as I got the newest addition, a pair of Buttero tanino sneakers into my collection - I once again started to think the question how many pairs of shoes does a man need… The pair mentioned took the overall amount to be around 45 pairs - give or take one or two as some pairs are missing from the pictures which I shot last night. So in general I could probably say that I have my basics covered. I actually haven't  purchased any dress shoes or casual leather shoes for a while now as I’ve been concentrating to more casual options for summer such as superga sneakears, rivieras slip-ons and Nike flyknits.The...

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A Fine Pair Of Shoes - The first official supporter of DressLikeA

A couple of months back I had a chat with Julian Nelson, the co-founder of  A Fine Pair of Shoes who runs the shop with his wife Sarah. I had a little experience of their business, I had read about their shop and I had talked with people who knew them and I’d got the picture that they are offering nothing less than some high quality products with extremely fine and well customer service. After chats and changing emails I’m happy to have AFPOS as the first official “supporter” of DressLikeA. To start this joint journey I will share with you some thoughts by Julian about the business, shoes and above all how to take care of them. 1) Tell a bit of your history, how did...

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