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Weekend casual - burgers and champagne

It's been a busy week - so on Friday we decided to head over to the countryside for some relaxation. And as I know the posting frequency has been rather low during the summer - due some work and other projects - I want to give you a little heads up as there are some big and good things coming up with DLA. What's coming up is stuff that I am personally quite excited about, stuff that will take this game into a whole new level. So stay tuned. But before that a few shots from yesterday - including casual weekend gear, homemade burgers, champagne and views from the sea coast... And that little fellow - on his own seat...

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CUVÉE CLUB - champagne tasting

Usually I try and keep this blog pretty much clothing related but this time I’m making a little exception as couple of weeks ago I got a chance to take part at very nice champagne-tasting hosted by Cuvée club, a company founded by a young Finnish couple who decided to follow their passion and moved to Champagne, Reims in 2013. Check my short notes and more pics Well, who wouldn’t like good company and (free) champagne…

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