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Weekend casual - burgers and champagne

It's been a busy week - so on Friday we decided to head over to the countryside for some relaxation. And as I know the posting frequency has been rather low during the summer - due some work and other projects - I want to give you a little heads up as there are some big and good things coming up with DLA. What's coming up is stuff that I am personally quite excited about, stuff that will take this game into a whole new level. So stay tuned. But before that a few shots from yesterday - including casual weekend gear, homemade burgers, champagne and views from the sea coast... And that little fellow - on his own seat...

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Last day in Italy - From Como to Helsinki

It feels like days passes by really quickly. It's already been almost two weeks since we came home from our vacation. Today taking a quick look of the combination I wore while coming back home from Italy. Casual wear for traveling As mentioned earlier, nowadays - when it's not for work - I try to travel as casual and comfy as possible. While we traveling in Italy - for most of transitions from one place to another I chose to wear my shorts and jacket by The GIGI (read more here) but as the weather forecast seemed that it would be rather cold in Finland I decided to go for jeans instead of shorts. In terms of shoes - most...

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The GIGI - casual summer suit

How about a suit featuring shorts as trousers? Starting the week by taking a look of my new summer suit by The GIGI. A suit that might not be the most classic choice and that might not be to everyone's taste but that has quickly become one of my personal summer favorites. The GIGI Heroes - most casual interpretation of a suit Since their first presentation at Pitti Uomo 86 the company has got my interest. In general it is to be said that GIGI boldly and smoothly transform traditionally classic clothing such as suits and sport coats into casual setting by innovative fabric treatments and bold patterns making their pieces suitable to combine with casual wear such as sweatshirts, t-shirts...

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Casual Sunday in the city

Starting the week with a few shots from yesterday. Though the sun came out every now and then as we were walking around the city, the weather was extremely windy and in the end not really warm enough to go out with just a quilted Barbour jacket and a sweater. Casual and simple for Sunday This is pretty much what I like to wear for those casual days when there is no need to dress up in any way. Light colored denim with knitwear in colors of blue, brown or grey - this time the choice was grey lambswool by Uniqlo. These sweaters are actually a great deal considering the fact that they cost around 25 euros a piece. Sneakers...

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"How to combine casual footwear part III" - black tassel loafers

I start this week with the third part of short "series" how to combine casual footwear. These features have included three sets of different kind of loafers from French shoemaker Bexley. In this last part I take a closer look of a pair of black tassel loafers. Some might claim that it's not right to talk about "casual footwear" when the pair in hand is in fact a pair of black calf leather tassel loafers. Actually the pair in question is presented in the "dress shoe"-category at Bexleys website as well. But that's not all they are.  Black tassel loafers - versatile choice for business and casual Despite the fact that black tassel loafers  in general are a perfect choice for a...

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