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Bespoke tie by Arcuri Cravatte

Today taking a look of a Bespoke tie made by Italian Arcuri Cravatte. In terms of ties word bespoke is pretty much the same than made-to-order. I got a chance to try  "bespoke tie service" by  Linkson Jack and Arcuri Cravatte. What is this  bespoke tie service all about? After receiving the offer from Linkson I decided to take the chance. A couple weeks ago my new bespoke tie was delivered. Now as I've already got few chances to wear it, it's time to take a little closer look. Grenadine ties First few words about grenadine ties. This type of ties are produced with a complex weave which creates a beautiful, variegated texture. In general there are two types  of grenadine - garza grossa (large...

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