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DLA gift guide part I - Skincare & grooming products

As it’s 12 nights before Christmas I thought I might as well share few ideas in terms of what to buy as a gift - no matter are you looking something for yourself or for someone else. Or what I hope someone would buy me perhaps. There will be 6 posts in total, all taking a look of some specific area, starting with skincare and grooming. Taking care of your (or your loved one’s) body, skin and hair are at least as important as taking care of your clothes - so be sure not to underestimate the meaning of good skincare & grooming products and the way they can make you feel. When choosing a product one need to pay...

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Trunk Clothiers - Chiltern Street 8, London

During my last visit in London I finally made it to Trunk Clothiers which had been in my “to visit”-list for quite a while. Even though the shop, which was launched in 2010 itself is pretty small (on two floors) they’ve got themselves a selection that can satisfy all your need no matter are looking for something tailored or more casual and “street style” stuff. Suits and blazers by Boglioli, Caruso, more casual sport coats by Beams+,  Barena and Aspesi, Outerwear from Macintosh, Barbour, Battenwear and Nigel Cabourn, trousers from Incotex and Massimo Alba, shirts by Salvatore Piccolo, Gitman Vintage and Glanshirt, denim from Edwin, accessories from Drake’s and bags from WANT les essentiels and a lot more… They also...

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