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Ready for wedding party

Will tomorrow be honored to stand as a "best man" on my best friend's wedding. Let's hope it will be a sunny day even though at the moment weather forecasts are not looking good.  And what will I be wearing... Suit: Caruso Shirt: Schoffa mtm Shoes: Alfred Sargent Tie: Arcuri Cravatte  Cufflinks and braces: "vintage" And also, be sure to read the short post about "what to wear for wedding party".

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07/08/2013 - "plaid blues"

Weekly WIWT round - 2013 Today first time wearing the Pal Zileri (green label) sport coat that I bought from Milano in June and also first time wear for the Arcuri Cravatte navy blue grenadine tie, a true staple and fine piece of quality I got last week, courtesy of Linkson Jack. SC: Pal Zileri Shirt: Schoffa (rtw) Denim slacks: Finealta  Shoes: John Lobb Tie: Arcuri Cravatte Shades: Persol / Wilde Sunglasses

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15/2013 - blurry white&blue monday

Weekly WIWT-round - try-out In the beginning of the year I wrote I would try to come up with some outfit-posts more often… One of the reasons I haven’t been posting them so much and the main reason that when I do I only do the “detail  shots” is that it’s a bit hard (and time-taking) to shoot the pics just by yourself. However and due some questions and messages I’ve decided to try and live up my words and at least for now will try to come up with a some kind of an outfit post once every week. Even though I’m done with my vacation for this summer and so back at work the dress code during summer...

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