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Viola Milano F/W 2014

Even though weather is still pretty warm (at least here in Finland) one can sense that autumn is coming as most of the brands are already coming up their fall and winter collections. Viola Milano is no exception as they yesterday launched the first patch of their fall collection for ties.

At this point it’s only about ties as pocket squares, beanies and scarves for colder months will be released in the first week of September.

Cashmere for all occasions

In terms of ties the collection for fall is basically based on two different materials, wool and cashmere. Cashmere ties come in two different folds, 3-folds for the striped ones and 7-folds for the plain, one-colored ones. In addition there’s a selection of 3-fold wool ties featuring classic polka dot pattern. As usual all of the ties are finished with hand rolled edges and untipped.

Personally I’m especially fond of the one-colored cashmere ones as they are (imo) as versatile as a tie can be. Easy to combine with your business suit for work, with denim and a sport coat or even with a wool cardigan and corduroy slacks for  the most casual occasion in case you still want to dress up a little. In case you only are looking for one tie to purchase this fall, my suggestion would be a navy cashmere one.






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