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Restrained seasonal inspiration by Finealta

Two favorite manufacturers and brands of mine seems to be brought together as the fall and winter look book by Korean trousers maker Finealta is this time featured with blazers and overcoats by Italian G.Abo. Charasteristic of both is to bring modern and personal details to otherwise classic garments. Whereas G.Abo makes jackets that feature the classic neapolitan tailoring and style combined with bold patterns and recognizable elements such as the wide lapels, Finealta makes modern interpretations of trousers that are as suitable for office wear as they are for casual occasions - depending the way you choose to combine them. For this season Finealta has come up with a couple of new models (which unfortunately have been available only...

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Quality knitwear from Italy - Gran Sasso

Italian Gran Sasso is one of my personal favorite knitwear makers on the market. Company's garments are made - in Italy - from finest materials to combine tradition with innovation and ancient craftsmanship with modern production processes. As said by themselves "quality is always fashionable". A detail worth of notice is that even you may not have any pieces labeled as “Gran Sasso” it does not mean you could not own one made by them as the company produces garments for multiple more and less known quality-brands and also for many shops for their “private label”-collections. Gran Sasso fall and winter 2014 The selection of Gran Sasso includes not just “basic” knitwear but also (double-sided) vests, suede featured & down lined...

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Boglioli fall and winter 2014

For this seasonal collection Italian Boglioli has studied and been inspired by the elegance of Milanese men of the 1960's - intellectuals and the entrepreneurs, who were valuable contributors of the Italian design and contemporary art. Milan has also served as a platform for shooting the look book.  The collection as a whole continues to draw the “blurry line” between more traditional suiting - featuring Boglioli’s soft-shouldered, unstructured shaping - and casual elegance, which is spiced with a substantial effort to offer more “avant-garde fare”, so called “Milan Bohemia” - Formal evening wear made of cashmere is combined with casual sweaters, tailored jackets in rich teal and vivid plaids are accented with pleated denim, button-up shirts are worn without ties...

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MAN 1924 fall and winter 2014

Got today in the mail a catalog showcasing the collection for this fall and winter by Spanish MAN 1924, a company run and made known by Mr. Carlos Castillo and his partners. The garments by MAN 1924 combine the feeling of British elegance and Italian nonchalance and bring together classic, sartorial style with casual wear and one might say even a bit sporty touch. The pieces shown in the looks are put together in a way that shows the well balanced mix of “both worlds” and they at the same time demonstrates that these garments can be combined for many different occasions without having to think too hard. Family business since 1924 The original brand called MAN was founded in Madrid...

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Sartoria Rossi F/W 2014

Sartoria Rossi is an Italian manufacturer with a - one could claim - different philosophy in terms of classic menswear than many others. Rossi is a company that combines well made and quality clothing - pieces normally more suitable for business and other formal occasions - with bold prints such as stripes and windowpanes and bright colors. Sartoria Rossi is still a relatively unknown company that started its business and tradition as tailors in the 1970s. Family business was established in Val di Chiana, between Arezzo and Siena in the heart of Tuscany, same place where head production of the garments is still located.   The look book of company’s fall and winter collection shows a lot of bright and bold...

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