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What knitwear to buy?

Today I concentrate to knitwear as I recently got the following question: "Hey Atte, it's getting really cold here and so far I only have sweaters from sns herning. can you recommend some other knitwear brands? Thank you!"

The question does not really specify what kind of knitwear or with what kind of a budget are you looking for to purchase next. Therefore here are few thoughts and ideas about knitwear in general.

Style icon Steve McQueen shows how to wear a simple and casual cable knit sweater.

Zip-sweater is a good option when looking for an extra layer to wear for example underneath your outerwear. This one by Della Ciana.

Three different kind of knitwear sweaters - roll neck, shaggy dog and fair isle

imageimage This one above is maybe one of the most perfect implementation of chunky roll neck sweater I have seen. Made by Drumohr. If you're looking a roll neck to be worn under a sport coat or with a suit opt for more thin and compatible merino or cashmere wool options. What knitwear to buy - J Press shaggy dog sweater If you are looking kniwear for more casual wear, take a look at this iconic "shaggy dog" shetland crew-neck sweater by J Press. Another option worth checking out in this category is O'Connels. The name of Shetland sweaters originates from the Shetland Islands, located halfway to Norway off the north coast of Scotland. To put it short, due to the region's harsh conditions the wool fibre used in shetland sweaters is in a way unique and "sturdy" when compared to "normal lambs wool". Sweaters made of this fabric are very warm and airy but like most wools raw Shetland can be fairly itchy. For this reason many of sweaters comes as "brushed" versions. image A Fair Isle sweater is a type of knitwear garment that uses a distinctive geometric motif originating from the remote Fair Isle island. Here a fairly restrained option - Howlin' By Morrison


Sum up - knitwear brands to check out

I have already mentioned a few names above that are worth to take a look. As a sum up here are some other manufacturers / brands to check out in case you are looking for new knitwear.

Casual wear - "rough knitwear"

#menswear - "smooth knitwear"

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