Scandinavian simplicity combined with Italian craftsmanship and tradition.

Blue suit with green knitted tie

Today was just another day after vacation back at the office. Even though not that much meetings on the schedule yet - it feels good to be back in the game. This is what I mainly wear to work, softly tailored suit, button-up shirt and a tie. This time I chose to wear blue mtm-suit with restrained black overcheck. Dark blue mtm-suit with striped shirt and bottle green tie

Blue suit with green knitted tie

In my opinion knitted ties are a good choice to wear at the office. Especially if you have a bit more casual day. I wear here a dark blue suit in lightweight wool, striped shirt and bottle green knitted. Finally I added a bit of color in a form of flower-patterned pocket square and as the weather is still warm tassel loafers. The loafers I wear naturally without socks. Dark blue suit with bottle green knitted tie Viola Milano bottle green knitted silk tie Sand Copenhagen pocket square with blue suit

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