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Restrained seasonal inspiration by Finealta

Two favorite manufacturers and brands of mine seems to be brought together as the fall and winter look book by Korean trousers maker Finealta is this time featured with blazers and overcoats by Italian G.Abo.

Charasteristic of both is to bring modern and personal details to otherwise classic garments. Whereas G.Abo makes jackets that feature the classic neapolitan tailoring and style combined with bold patterns and recognizable elements such as the wide lapels, Finealta makes modern interpretations of trousers that are as suitable for office wear as they are for casual occasions - depending the way you choose to combine them.

For this season Finealta has come up with a couple of new models (which unfortunately have been available only in Korean market) including a new flannel trousers with details such as double pleats, no-belt-loops and a bit higher waist. There is also some new cargo trousers made of corduroy in three different colors, though my personal favorite is the Roadster model - a "jeans like" trousers made of wool / cashmere blend fabric. Don't know but can imagine wearing them feels quite nice.

As again can be seen, in terms of color combinations one can not go wrong by trusting to classic choices - brown, grey and blue

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