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G. Abo Napoli - distinctive Neapolitan tailoring

As a Thursday throwback taking a look of G.Abo Napoli, a brand I guess many people interested in #menswear have heard but still do not much much about. In June while Pitti Uomo in Florence I paid a visit at their "showroom" together with the guys from Sauma to take a bit closer look of their offerings for the next spring and summer season.

G.Abo Napoli - neapolitan tailoring

G.Abo is a company run by two cousins - Gianfranco and Giuseppe. In 2006 decided to bring back alive an old family company originally founded by their grandfather. By mixing tradition and fashion with a pretty distinctive Neapolitan house style the company wants to offer well-made garments still featuring a reasonable price tag. For many G.Abo is interesting thanks to bold patterns and interesting fabric choices.

What G.Abo offers is suits and jackets featuring a soft Neapolitan silhouette with narrow flattering fit (most of the jackets have a drop 7 or 8). The jackets feature half-canvas construction and multiple handmade details - such as the collar and collar, shoulders, button holes, lining and stitching in the front. Jackets are priced around 600-700 euros and full suits from 700-900 euros in retail. Unlike many other of its competitors G.Abo has decided to take a different kind of approach their production.

Producing their jackets with half-canvas construction (instead of full-canvas) has given the company a chance to bring more handmade-details to otherwise industrial production while maintaining competitive price range. image image image image

Bold patterns and soft jackets

The strenght of G.Abo is definitely the fabrics and patterns together with personal (some might say bold) and distinctive cut. In the selection there are a lot of windowpanes, strong checks and bright colors. The cut of the jackets (designed by Gianfranco) brings together traditional neapolitan style with modern and trendy aspects of menswear fashion (such as wide lapels and slim & narrow fit).

Naturally the company have a full range of fabric choices available for business use as well but in my opinion - to get the best possible value - take a look at G.Abo especially in case you are looking a bold sport coat to wear for casual occasions together with your jeans, cotton slacks or flannel trousers. image  G.Abo Napoli jacket structure

An example of the pattern matching and soft - neapolitan shoulder. image

imageMy Gabo Napoli selection

G.Abo is not easy to find but in case you are interested check out the web store of Spiga3 (in Gothenburg) which has some pretty nice models in their selection.

And finally some pics of two G.Abo pieces I have in my closet at the moment. The first one is a grey single breasted flannel suit featuring blue over check, two patch pockets, high gorge, semi-wide lapels and bit more structured shoulder-line. Perfect for office-use but the jacket also works as a sport coat for more casual events. image image image

The second piece at my closet is a double-breasted (4x2) indigo colored linen jacket, made of a fabric by Loro Piana. Featuring soft shoulders, three patch pockets, minimal lightweight construction and very wide lapels the jacket is pretty bold even though the color and model itself is pretty restrained. image image

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