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Office casual - seasonal sport coats and flannel trousers

Last weekend I went through my rotation of suits and sport coats, put those more lightweight and summer colored pieces back to storage and took some seasonal pieces made of flannel and heavier wool fabrics back to the rack. Among those seasonal fall and winter jackets was also the pictured sport coat by Italian G.Abo. Made of semi lightweight wool fabric with a blue and brown overcheck, minimal construction, no lining and featuring two patch pockets, soft shoulder structure and 3-roll-2 buttoning it is a pretty much a perfect sport coat for fall season. In my book the jacket is especially appropriate to be used for those semi-formal office days when you don't need to be fully dressed up but...

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DLA - October inspiration

As it’s already October one can say that the fall is eventually now here and winter is starting to be pretty near. Days are getting shorter and the amount of light decreases significantly. On the other hand it means that one can get the overcoats and more heavier suits & sport coats from the closet and start to play with layers again.  Starting the week with a few things and pics that I’m personally inspired by and enthusiastic at the moment. When it comes to ties one can pretty easily go with basic rotation of silk ties (including knit ties, grenadines and shantung for example) through the year. But having some seasonal additions is a good and easy way to make...

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G. Abo Napoli - distinctive Neapolitan tailoring

As a Thursday throwback taking a look of G.Abo Napoli, a brand I guess many people interested in #menswear have heard but still do not much much about. In June while Pitti Uomo in Florence I paid a visit at their "showroom" together with the guys from Sauma to take a bit closer look of their offerings for the next spring and summer season. G.Abo Napoli - neapolitan tailoring G.Abo is a company run by two cousins - Gianfranco and Giuseppe. In 2006 decided to bring back alive an old family company originally founded by their grandfather. By mixing tradition and fashion with a pretty distinctive Neapolitan house style the company wants to offer well-made garments still featuring a reasonable price tag. For...

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