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Patterned sport coat for the fall

Whereas in terms of suits my main principle and recommendation is to play safe and stay with staple and easy choices such as plain gray and dark blue fabrics - regarding sport coats and sports jackets different patterns and textures are a great way to add some character and personality to your rotation.

Every man needs a navy blue blazer but after that I would say it is totally appropriate and even advisable to invest in quality sport coats with some classic but still vibrant patterns in seasonal fabrics and textures.

To keep an eye on the forthcoming fall and winter season a few words about how to play with patterned sport coats.

Brown wool patterned sport coat by B&Tailor
Brown wool patterned sport coat by B&Tailor from the inside
Brown wool sport coat with a navy blue overcheck by Korean B&Tailor is a great option that can easily be dressed up or down - depending on how you choose to combine it.
Patterned sport coat by Ring Jacket
When it comes to the league of patterned jackets, Japanese Ring Jacket is definitely one of the best players on the field. Bold but flowing implementations of classic combinations.
Patterned sport coat by DressLikeA

Not only plain and blue but some patterned choices from my own rack and rotation.

Patterned sport coats - the basics

Some people say that boldly patterned sport coats are actually one of those few areas where men can be safely daring. A combination featuring a sport coat and trousers is inherently more relaxed than a full suit - so the ensemble is in principal more casual and therefore a nice pattern on the jacket can complement the whole package. On the other hand a little bit of boldness can help you making a simple tailored jacket a lot more versatile, and as long the design is traditional and the you keep the color of the jacket fairly conservative, you should be able to wear your jacket without making yourself looking snobbish.

I guess there are no "rules" of "how to wear a sport coat with patterned fabrics" but in general I'd say that the bigger, bold and vivid the pattern - the smaller is the potential for the jacket being used in formal or business oriented combinations. And if you're heading to a bit more casual event, a sport coat with light windowpane or a PoW can make your outfit to be "dressed up" enough without making you look overdressed.

One of the most important point to pay attention is the way you accessorize when using a jacket with a bolder pattern. In case you are wearing multiple patterns in one outfit, varying the scale of the patterns is probably the easiest way to ensure that nothing clashes even though the scaling also depends on the fact how many different patterns you are wearing. I personally try to keep the amount of different patterns in one outfits always under four. If the jacket I'm wearing is featuring a heavy and strongly visible checks for example I prefer having the other parts as plain as possible.

Windowpane patterned sport coat by B&Tailor

Another example of how to wear a patterned sport coat by B&Tailor. A simple white shirt and blue flower-patterned tie keep the whole ensemble restrained and also draws the attention to that beautiful windowpane pattern of the jacket.

How to wear a patterned sport coat - inspiration

Playing with patterned jackets and combining accessories is basically a mine-field where only a good taste can guide you. And of course one can always learn by trial and error. Below I have gathered a few pictures that show how this play can be made so that it looks effortless - yet elegant and smooth. And if you are not sure how to make it work - here a three "rules" to follow.
  1. Keep the rest of the outfit as simple as possible. Choose a plain shirt when wearing a patterned sport coat.
  2. Always try to keep the amount of different patterns in one outfits always under four - avoid big clashing patterns.
  3. Pay attention to the colors and use accessories that repeats the colors of the patterns of you sport coat.
Olive green patterned sport coat worn by Marco Zambaldo
Olive green sport coat with a dark blue little overcheck combined with a light brown roll neck sweater and white trousers - easy to way to keep the attention on the jacket.
Gray wool patterned sport coat worn by Olof Nithenius
Olof Nithehius from wearing a nice grey wool sport coat together with accessories by Drake's London. The outfit looks vivid and lively even though it basically features mostly different shades of blue and grey.
Patterned sport coat and denim shirt by Ring Jacket
Dressed-up casual done right by Japanese Ring Jacket. Bold overcheck on the jacket is toned down with a knitted tie, casual denim shirt and olive green cotton slacks.
Patterned sport coat and sprezzatura at Pitti Uomo

A little "sprezz" from Pitti Uomo. But still if take out the sunglasses, scarf and portfolio you can see the basics that are done right - blue shirt, brown tie and camel colored trousers repeats the colors and shades of the checked sport coat.

Sum up - 3x patterned sport coat

For the upcoming season it looks that again many brands are coming up with patterned sport coats that are definitely worth checking out. Below three pieces that you might want to take a look in case looking for a new jacket for this fall.
Suitsupply windowpane sport coat

1) Suitsupply

This jacket actually was seen for the first time last fall and luckily Suitsupply brought it back for this season. With this wool-cashmere blend Havana fit jacket which is featuring a bold rustic check pattern the Dutch company offers a price worthy option for those looking a patterned sport coat on limited budget.

Houndstooth blazer by Hardy Amies

2) Hardy Amies

For those looking something a bit more bold - navy / off-white single-breasted blazer featuring houndstooth pattern with bigger prince of wales heck and two patch pockets by Hardy Amies is casual yet refined choice. Combine with some off-white flannel slacks, light blue button-up shirt and brown wool tie.

Olive green wool sport coat by Boglioli

3) Boglioli

A third option is jacket for those casual days when you need something to wear your jeans and cashmere roll neck sweater. Olive green unconstructed wool jacket by Italian Boglioli is one of my personal favorites for the season.

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