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5x sport coats for summer ´15

It seems that we are finally getting summer here in Scandinavia as well and at the same time sale seasons are already knocking on the door. Mr. Porter for example already started summer sale on their American website and if everything goes as usual, Europe will follow in a couple of weeks.

However, just because the weather keeps getting warm and sun starts shining more and more does not mean you shouldn't wear a jacket. It just means you should swap out your lined, all-weather, dark colored heavy wool and flannel suits and sport coats for something that's a bit more easy and lightweight. That means unlined, unstructured jackets with more casual details such as patch pockets and 3-roll-2 button closure. In terms of colors go rather for slightly lighter shades and in terms of materials give a try especially for different kind of mixtures of linen, cotton and lightweight wools. 

Light colored sport coat by P.Johnson Tailors

Going for monochromatic tones with your sport coat

As with shirts, trousers or even accessories - going with plain, one-colored pieces is always the safest alternative. When you keep the bigger and most visible pieces - such as sport coat - of your outfit restrained, it is also easier to play a bit more with other elements. 

Going monochrome does not mean same as boring or bland. As can be seen from the pics above, for example the fabric or texture chosen can make a plain blue color rather vivid and interesting. Once again I take my chance to remind that there is nothing wrong on "playing safe" and going with simple combinations. In case you want to do something that a bit differs from the "normal pattern", a way to bring something "fresh" into your outfit is to try and go with lighter jacket and pair it with trousers in darker color as in the pic above by Mr. Patrick Johnson. Below a few examples how to make it simple and clean.

Navy blue double-breasted blazer for summer
Brown sport coat worn by Dag of Saman Amel
Denim cloth sport coat and light blue button-up shirt
Blue seersucker sport coat by Rose&Born
brown double-breasted linen blazer

Wanna bet on some pattern?

When it comes to shirts and suits I basically find it safe and easy to stay with staple and plain in terms of patterns, as well as with conservative colors such as light blue and white in shirts, blue and grey in suits.

In sport coats however the trend for myself (as in general I dare to say) at least has been going towards more patterned and maybe one could say more bold pieces.

In terms of patterns there are multiple good choices - of which the basic windowpane might be the most classic and safest one. Small prince of wales-checks and houndstooth patterns are good options for those who want a bit pattern but something that does not scream attention. When talking about sport coats and blazers, I would drop pin- and chalk stripes out of selection - unless you are totally sure what you doing.

And a few pictures for inspiration.

Green windowpane check sport coat by Isaia
Lardini checked double-breasted blazer
Checked sport coat for summer worn by Herman Byström
Angel Bespoke checked sport coat

Sum up - 5x Summer sport coat by Spiga3

This time I decided to pick all the five choices from the selection by Swedish Spiga3 - featuring a couple of versions from G.Abo Napoli and Boglioli as well as one piece from The GIGI the list includes a selection that would be appropriate for any man to get through this summer.

Boglioli navy wool sport coat

Boglioli navy wool sport coat is a choice for those looking that "perfect" blue blazer. Appropriate to be paired with those a bir more formal summer cotton slacks or lightweight wool flannels but is also suitable for a bir more casual occasions.

Boglioli olive green cotton sport coat

Boglioli olive colored cotton sport coat  is an option for any guy looking more casual jacket - and something else than blue. Olive / light brown shade works really nice with for example light colored denim, navy blue cotton trousers or even with trousers featuring darker shades of brown.

Gabo Napoli windowpane sport coat

This Gabo Napoli blue windowpane blazer is not for everyone - thanks to that bold windowpane pattern, wide lapels, high gorge and those neapolitan pleated shoulders. But in case you are looking something that will make you stand out of the crowd, this is your option.

Gabo Napoli brown wool sport coat

Another option by Gabo is a bit more restrained - brown wool-linen-silk blend sport coat that is quite easy to combine with (again) different shades of blue or brown but also with some orange, purple or even darker greens. Also versatile in a way that one can wear this for a casual late night dinner with jeans as well as for office with a button-up, tie and some flannel slacks.

The GIGI double-breasted blazer

As mentioned above, color or pattern is not the only thing one can made a difference but the texture of a jacket can work as a details that divert attention as well. The GIGI blue double-breasted jacket made of 97% cotton with 3% elastane is an option that is suitable for many different kind of occasions and possible to combine in many different ways. Try for example a pair of crispy white cotton shorts and a fitted navy blue t-shirt.

Pics above courtesy of P.Johnson Tailors,, Saman Amel, A&H Magazine, Rose&Born and The Sartorialist.

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