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5x sport coats for fall part I

The sport coat is probably the most variable garment in men’s wardrobe - if you just choose the right one. It’s respectable and decent but not stuffy, it can usually be dressed up or down quite easily depending on how one pairs it and there’s hardly a circumstance for which a sport coat not appropriate. To put it shortly, there are some points to consider when looking for a jacket. There shouldn't be any pulls or puckers along the front or back of the jacket when wearing it, the sleeves should be free of any ripples when the arms are naturally hanging down, and the jacket should in general have clean lines all around. These “rules” apply no matter if...

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5x Spring essentials

It’s once again that time of the year when everyone are thinking their spring (and maybe already summer) essential-pieces. So did we as well at and here’s what I personally came up with. This is one my all-time favorite photos (from Pitti Uomo, by The Sartorialist). Capturing most of my own essentials for this spring. Blue blazer Well, it doesn’t really matter what season are we talking about - this one belongs to every list. It’s only a matter of construction and materials. For spring I personally favor lightweight wools or a bit “washed look” cotton. In the pictured jacket by Boglioli there’s 2% of elastane which makes it a bit more “soft” and easier to deal with for example...

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5x Checked sport coat for the fall

In terms of shirts and suits I basically find it safe and easy to stay with staple and plain, conservative colors such as light blue and white in shirts, blue and grey in suits. For example during fall and winter, most of my “suit days” I’m wearing plain grey flannel or dark navy wool. That being said, lately I’ve been having bigger and bigger interest in a bit more boldly patterned sport coats (actually three of my latest sport coat purchases have been just in this category) and there’s no end visible in terms of that interest. Some say boldly patterned sport coats are actually the one of only areas where men can be safely daring. On the other hand a little bit...

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5 x Notes for November

To start the weekend and the new month, here’s 5 points to give inspiration and take you through the dark nights based on some pics and points I’ve come up and been inspired myself recently. 1) Play of textures Fall is maybe the most “giving” and diversed time for playing with different textures, colors and materials especially in terms of accessories. (the cashmere selection at the Drake’s London Haberdasher Factory shop) 2) Shades of gray Remember that grey doesn’t have to be dark and lifeless. The lousy days of November can also be faced with sharp and elegant combinations featuring the color - as done here by Mr. Ignatious Joseph. (photo via AntonHelsinki) 3) DB’s, Casentino Wool & Chunky Rollnecks...

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5 x outerwear for fall

This fall the double-breasted jackets are going to be more and more seen and “popular” in the streets so here are 4 different kind of db-options (plus one extra choice) to consider while making your purchases for the colder days that are coming. 1) Cantarelli Solid and light-colored overcoat made of angora and virgin wool by Italian Cantarelli will be a perfect choice whenever you need something to wear over your business suit. 2) L.B.M 1911 A classic and timeless piece “twisted” with soft Italian tailoring and “washed” wool-mixture fabric.  3) Montecore The detachable inner collar makes this Montecore jacket versatile and suitable to be worn also on a bit more colder fall days. Can be found also single-breasted. 4) Eleventy This...

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