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Drake's London - Clifford Street

Visited earlier on the week at the Drake’s store at Clifford street (London) and once again it got me amazed… Went to see if they still would have had some of those unicorn pocket squares I missed at their websites winter sale. Had no luck… :) New S/S scarves and pocket squares looked awesome as well as all of the ties. My personal favorite was absolutely the flamingo print cotton and silk pocket square. Also got to take a closer look at the new sport jackets (read more about from here) and those looked and felt great in nature. I tried on the blue double-breasted one on size 38, which was pretty good even though it was a bit too long...

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Alfred Sargent - Visiting the Factory

Some pics from my visit at the Alfred Sargent factory in Rushden couple weeks ago.                                                                    Alfred Sargent Budapester / Exclusive / Handgrade          Handgrade: Exlusive: For women: And what I got for myself:

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