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Vaatturiliike Sauma - 10 years of tailoring and menswear

Last Wednesday Vaatturiliike Sauma hosted a nice cocktail party, celebrating their 10-year anniversary. What would be better than have few drinks, enjoy good food and be around like-minded people with the same passion and interest. One more time congrats to Olli and Tuomo, not just extremely talented tailors, but most of all great guys and friends who have done a huge job to bring further the #menswear-scene and men’s clothing in Finland. And be sure there’s more to come, so stay tuned and keep an eye on these fellows. My focus was more on enjoying the party than playing with my camera but anyway, here’s few shots and details from Wednesday-evening.  And one last shot via instagram. Wearing (if someone...

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The guys at Sauma just today started their mtm-days that will take place the next two weeks. What makes it interesting is that they just got a new supplier for their private label suiting that based on pictures and examples I’ve seen is looking more than promising.  It seems that there are some fabrics available that would make a great summer sport coats and suits. Green is the new black. This as double-breasted jacket w/ patch pockets would be awesome with some with cotton slacks. This summer gonna be about checks? Inspirational “look book” featuring examples of fabrics (even shirt fabrics) and how to combine them. This can make the decision-making really easy. Or just harder… Sale tip In addition the...

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Casentino wool overcoat by Tagliatore - Purchase of the week

Casentino in a nutshell Casentino is traditional method of processing wool. This thick wool cloth was firstly produced in the Casentino valley of Tuscany near the Sanctuary of La Verna already back in the 14th century. In the first place rough but warm casentino wool came in brown and dark grey. It was used for monks' habits, to cover animals and was worn by peasants. In the mid 19th century with the industrial revolution production in the area picked up along the Staggia river, which powered hydraulic machines. As they experimented in synthetic colouring, an error led to the creation of a bright orange wool that then became characteristic of the casentino fabric. With time casentino became very fashionable. By the 1950s the fabric was high fashion. It was worn...

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Sauma - getting ready for the fall and winter

Last week I wrote shortly about the mtm-days going on at Sauma (see it here) and as mentioned took also a glimpse of their range for this season. In addition to Montecore, Tombolini, Cavaliere, Gran Sasso, Berwich, John Smedley and others, for this season they also got Italian Tagliatore as a new brand to the selection.  Generally speaking I’d say that in terms of both the whole selection and individual pieces, Sauma has really come up with a nice assortment for this season, maybe even the best I’ve seen in the store so far, even though they were still last week waiting for some outerwear additions by Tombolini and Tagliatore as well as some knitwear from Gran Sasso. Subtle mini...

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Mittapäivät (mtm-days) @ Sauma

Sauma started their “made-to-measure days” on Saturday and they will go on until 28th of September. During the days all mtm-products (suits, sport coats, trousers and shirts) comes with -20% discount. As due all the work and stuff it had been too long from my previous visit I decided to go and take look at their new selection for the fall (more about that later) and also at the fabrics for this season. Picked some of my favorites and some otherwise interesting choices. Especially liked the bold patterns by Holland and Sherry, even though might end up going with some more subtle and restrained fabrics myself. What I’d need is a new “basic” suit for work. This dark blue, lightweight wool...

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