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Sales round-up - last weeks acquisitions

I've actually been taking the winter season sales pretty easily as I've felt that there has been no special needs for me at the moment. However, during the last couple of weeks, last weekend especially I was kind of "forced" to make few snatches and thought I might share them here as well. 1) Double-breasted suit by Rose&Born in dark grey herringbone wool I had had it in mind for a while now that I could try and find myself a new suit in grey, hopefully something that would work as separate (the jacket at least) as well. Had an hour to spend in Stockholm on Monday as I was there in business and decided to spend it at Rose&Born, hoping...

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DressLikeA - Last minute Christmas gift list

Haven’t found a gift yet? A while ago I got an email asking for christmas present tips. So here you go. No matter whether you’re looking something for a boyfriend, husband, father, son or just for yourself, here’s some last minute ideas. Most of the listed items can be found from stores based in Helsinki but there are also some webstore choices included. And of course these are just ideas that you can easily modify for your own purposes. 1) Soft packages… Considering the weather in Finland, wool beanies, scarves, gloves or for example cashmere socks are always a safe choice. When buying a gift for some else it’s better to keep it simple and understated than trying to “cheer...

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