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Eleventy spring and summer 2015

Balancing between dressed-up and casual - that has been the main theme for Italian Eleventy for years. Collections have mainly concentrated on combining casual elegance & comfort with classic taste and modern interpretation - featuring soft and light weight garments with restrained and earthy color scheme, i.e a lot of blue, grey and brown. Today taking a look of their look book for this spring and summer. Eleventy S/S 2015 When I saw the collection for the upcoming spring and summer last June at Pitti it seemed that Eleventy was trying - if not totally change the approach at least bring some more trendy, fashion-forward and kind of rock'n roll vibes into their selection. And that vibe can now be...

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Eleventy S/S ´14

When taking a glimpse at the look book of Eleventy S/S ´14 collection one can see that the color scheme in use is - as always - restrained and earthy, combining the pieces smoothly together. Main theme for the collection is the soft and easy fit of which idea is to ensure that any body type can find the best fit with a chic and sober effect. Balancing between dressed-up and casual, this is a great look book for any young guys looking for inspiration of what to wear in the summer. The fabrics used in the collection are mostly jersey, denim, wools and stretch nylon, all of which have been made to be as lightweight as possible. Classic Eleventy looks -...

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Eleventy F/W ´14 @ Pitti Uomo 85

In terms of recognizable “brand identity” Eleventy is one of my personal favorites. The visit at their booth in the first day of the fair did not really surprise me - as the company seemed to continue playing by their strengths - keeping things simple and clean, offering a diverse and “easy to combine” selection that would make a great base to build a wardrobe for any men. As usual, in terms of colors Eleventy trusts the basics - blue, grey, brown and burgundy. However for the upcoming fall the color palette has been slightly darkened. Lighter grays have been complemented with darker hues and tones in general a bit deeper shades and tones have been used. Even the blues and other...

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Eleventy F/W ´13

Blank canvas Blank canvas is the said to be theme for Eleventy F/W ´13 collection. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Eleventy would make a great base (or be the blank canvas) to build for every man’s wardrobe. The color scheme as always restrained and earthy and the pieces are subtly combined & versatile. As in this one, the style of the collections is always pretty easy to recognize as Eleventy.  In general I like the DB jackets (common piece in Eleventy collections) and lightweight outerwear garments of the collection but my personal favorite of the lookbook is definitely the fit in the last pic featuring nice light colored rollneck sweater, double-breasted gilet and flannel-cargos. The shoes...

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Eleventy @ Pitti Uomo 84

Eleventy's style in general can be described to be deliberated yet sober, characterized by a personal tone. Collections don't feature visible logos but still most of the pieces can be identified with the “house style” of the brand which combines elegance with comfort and classic feel with a modern and fresh reinterpretation. S/S ´14 The main theme of the S/S ´14 collection is the soft and easy fit which idea is to ensure that any body type can find the best fit which is not too dry but which has a chic and sober effect. The fabrics used in the collection are mostly jersey, denim, lightweight wools and stretch nylon, all of which have been made to weigh less. Color scheme that...

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