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Eidos Napoli F/W ´14 @ Pitti Uomo 85

At Pitti Uomo 85 Eidos Napoli made its second appearance and after a debut that was slightly describing nothing less than total success the expectations were high for sure. Whereas the "theme and concept" for the Eidos S/S ´14 “This is Rome”-collection was young man's first summer in the eternal city of Rome, this time inspiration comes from Florence, showing the “Faces of Firenze”. The line itself is again full of sportswear side garments mixed with fine tailoring and divided into “two different” sides - of which the first one brings out “Italian workwear” and other one is concentrated more tailored “business man” appearance. In terms of Eidos, consistency is the key. Antonio and the guys have established a clear identity and...

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Eton F/W ´14 @ Pitti Uomo 85

In three weeks it’s on again as the Pitti Uomo 86 starts on the 16th of June. However I realized there’s still few F/W-collections presented in January I haven’t covered here. And as the short summer we got here last week seems to be gone again it’s a good time to take a look at the last F/W-presentations before starting to wait for the S/S ´15 that will be introduced when it’s time to hit Florence again. Eton of Sweden fall ´14 preview Once again Eton collection gave a full glimpse of what’s coming covering their ranges from the “Green Ribbon” which combines casual fabrics, garment washing and innovative details to “Red Ribbon” that’s made to refine and reinvent the modern...

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Mismo F/W ´14 @ Pitti Uomo 85

No compromises but the best in everything, aiming to create instant classics that will last for years in terms of design and durability.  That’s what Mismo basically is. As expected, Adam and Rikke have done great job once again and created a collection that’s maybe the best that’s been seen from them so far. As usual the collection presents some new materials and mixtures such as the distressed leather in black and “dark tan” seen in the pics above. There’s also new developments in technical fabrics and the lightweight polyester blends featured in the “casual” collection will probably be a favorite for many. In terms of models, there’s gonna be a new backpack, some new innovations in tote bags and also an...

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Lardini F/W ´14 @ Pitti Uomo 85

Time for next in line in terms of reviews from Pitti Uomo 85. For the second time in a row,  Lardini was the brand that came up with the most inspiring collection in my book. Lardini, created and still run by the siblings Andrea, Luigi and Lorena Lardini is known for the development, innovation and experimentation it invests in to create products - with versatility of different fabrics, patterns and special treatments - that combine the art of hand tailoring and cutting-edge machinery. All of the products are manufactured entirely in Filottrano, Italy  Restyling the suit - make it reversible One of the most coolest and inspiring things seen at the fair for me this time was definitely the business-line by Lardini, where the...

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The Gigi F/W ´14 @ Pitti Uomo 85

New project by the Boglioli brothers “New ideas surround us everywhere, yet keen instincts are required to understand them and capture their essence. We are curious, passionate, attentive and naturally love to seek out new things, without ever falling head over heels over them.” This is how Boglioli brothers Mario and Pierluigi started their letter sent before Pitti Uomo 85 in January, where the first collection of newly invented brand Gigi was presented. They both earlier sold their shares in the company that still bears their name - but now they are back in business. By their own words they want to experiment and research to create new innovations in terms of materials, processing techniques and finishes and the collection seen in...

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