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Combining patterns and colors - inspired by Possen

Possen is a - not that well-known - Dutch firm that offers made-to-order garments all the way from shirts to suits and overcoats. In addition they have a bunch of accessories available via their web store.  Even though I’m not that familiar with the company itself, there is something very interesting at their website - namely the presentation of their seasonal selection of fabrics and garments. Over 200 pictures of different pieces (showcasing the fabric selection and models) which are a great way to find inspiration on how to mix different colors and patterns in terms of jackets, shirts and accessories. Although not all the combinations are to my liking, I still encourage to have a look. Here I’ve picked...

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Sneak peek - Made-to-Measure suiting by Herrainpukimo

Couple of weeks ago I headed to Turku to see the guys @Herrainpukimo, have a little chat with them and most of all to check out their new made-to-measure suiting programme. The guys have been offering mtm-shirts for a couple of years now (read more about the shirts here) and this summer they moved forward to offer suits, sport coats and other tailored mtm-clothing as well.  More detailed post regarding the steps of the process and final results coming up later but first some pictures as a heads up and sneak peek. As mentioned the shop is located in Turku but next week on Monday the guys are coming up to Helsinki for a “trunk show” and to take measurements...

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Mittapäivät (mtm-days) @ Sauma

Sauma started their “made-to-measure days” on Saturday and they will go on until 28th of September. During the days all mtm-products (suits, sport coats, trousers and shirts) comes with -20% discount. As due all the work and stuff it had been too long from my previous visit I decided to go and take look at their new selection for the fall (more about that later) and also at the fabrics for this season. Picked some of my favorites and some otherwise interesting choices. Especially liked the bold patterns by Holland and Sherry, even though might end up going with some more subtle and restrained fabrics myself. What I’d need is a new “basic” suit for work. This dark blue, lightweight wool...

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My first made-to-measure suit - "Sauma private label"

In the end of last year as I visited Sauma they told that they had got a new made to measure-option (in addition to Mabro, Sartoria Rossi and Willworst) to their selection, which was basically going to be made under their own name "Sauma private label". I was at the moment in the process of looking for a new suit for work so I decided to give it a try as I also wanted to take a step from of off-the-rack suits which very often gives me problems due to my short arms and a bit problematic body figure to mtm-suits to see what kind of a difference does it make.   The process begins... ...By putting on a "trial suit",...

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