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Weekly Q&A round-up - week 40

After yesterday’s house warming party today and this evening seems like a good day for weekly Q&A round-up. Q: Hi Atte! What’s your take on Suitsupply suits (Sienna, La Spalla)? A: To put it shortly, SuitSupply offers suits and jackets that are mostly classically proportioned and cut and decently constructed and personally I  would recommend their garments to anyone. I think that most of all SuitSupply is known as a brand that offers good quality for one's money especially in terms of lower price range (300-400 euros) which covers their basic “blue” and “purple” lines. Whereas in that price tier most of brands are selling either fused suits or ones made with either “fashionable” cuts featuring very skinny lapels and too short jackets or...

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Weekly Q&A round-up

As the last couple of weekends have just gone by without having time to answer any of the questions I’ve got I decided to shortly do it now. Sorry again for the delay. Q: Hi Atte, First and most importantly, your blog is great. Secondly, on to the question. How would you rate the quality of Kamakura’s shirts? Is there anything you especially like or dislike about the shirts? A: Thanks a lot! First of all I only have one shirt from Kamakura and I’ve paid one visit to their store while I was visiting New York but based on that experience I would dare to say that in general Kamakura is a top choice, especially if you are looking...

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Q&A - How do you take care of your shoes and some other things (?)

I’ve been really bad and lazy in terms of answering questions but I will try to mend my way on this. I will actually start going through the questions on weekly basis and have every Sunday a round-up of the questions with answers. So if you have something in mind - please feel free to shoot! And starting with a few couple of questions I’ve got just recently. Q: “I love the shine on your shoes! What method do you use to take care of / shine them?” A: First of all, thanks for this! Although I need to admit that for a while now I haven’t been really active in terms of polishing my shoes. For some reason I’ve...

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Q&A - menswear for beginners

"Hi, uhmm I was just wondering if you have any tips for a beginner in terms of menswear. Not really sure how or where to start and not exactly on the highest of budgets. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. I love your page btw" First of all thanks. And as the question is pretty broad, here are first 5 short points to consider. - "Buy less - buy better". Don't rush but also buy nothing just because it's cheap or on sale. On the other hand some basic stuff such as shirts, jeans and knitwear can be found even pretty easily with a lower budget as well if you look for the right places. Pay attention especially...

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Winter jacket for Finnish weather?

I recently got this question: Hey! You know that winter in Finland, especially in Helsinki could be sometimes very cold. I want to have jacket that is same time warm and stylish. I don't like those chesterfield wool coats and other long coats. I'm finding some mid-length jacket that goes with also jeans with brogues and chinos with trainers and so on. You know, "semi-formal". Do you think it could have hood with fur? CG is bit too "outdoor" than "city". What would you suggest? :) And yes, I definitely know that it can get pretty cold (and windy) every now and then in Helsinki. The first that comes to my mind could be a basic pea coat, which can...

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