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What knitwear to buy?

Today I concentrate to knitwear as I recently got the following question: "Hey Atte, it's getting really cold here and so far I only have sweaters from sns herning. can you recommend some other knitwear brands? Thank you!" The question does not really specify what kind of knitwear or with what kind of a budget are you looking for to purchase next. Therefore here are few thoughts and ideas about knitwear in general. Zip-sweater is a good option when looking for an extra layer to wear for example underneath your outerwear. This one by Della Ciana. Three different kind of knitwear sweaters - roll neck, shaggy dog and fair isle This one above is maybe one of the most perfect implementation...

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#menswear blogs I follow

Every now and then I'm asked what blogs I follow myself or that do I have some specific favorites. Of course I do follow and read a lot of other blogs (which thanks to tumblr is pretty easy nowadays). I decided to pick out a list I wrote a while ago for other purposes and then updated it a bit. The blogs mentioned are not listed in any particular order based on who I may value the most or whatever. Some blogs I follow a bit more and some little less frequently. I also may have forgot some from the list. However I respect and appreciate everyone who keeps posting and so gives me (and everyone else) new inspiration every day....

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How to find the right weekender?

How to find a decent weekender bag? I recently got the following question and will now take a loot at some options to consider. "Hi A! Any recommendation for the weekend bag for men? Brown, and leather one would be the ideal what I'm looking for - but also Mismo's weekender bag seems to be interesting. Do you have any experience of example Suitsupply, Meermin bags? Bag need to be longlasting, and preferable under 1k‚€." First I need to say that I have no personal experience of Suitsupply or Meermin bags. Might have seen some while visiting at SS but haven't done any closer research. Hopefully I will see some of Meermin bags at their trunk show soon in Stockholm...

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Favorite shops in Stockholm?

Hey Anon, I wrote shortly about stores in Stockholm, you can find it here. And my favorites… 1) Rose&Born 2) Gabucci / Herr Judit 3) Massimo Dutti (as they don’t have a shop in Finland) Best, -A-

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