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Last day in Italy - From Como to Helsinki

It feels like days passes by really quickly. It's already been almost two weeks since we came home from our vacation. Today taking a quick look of the combination I wore while coming back home from Italy. Casual wear for traveling As mentioned earlier, nowadays - when it's not for work - I try to travel as casual and comfy as possible. While we traveling in Italy - for most of transitions from one place to another I chose to wear my shorts and jacket by The GIGI (read more here) but as the weather forecast seemed that it would be rather cold in Finland I decided to go for jeans instead of shorts. In terms of shoes - most...

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Off to Barcelona

Heading just now to Barcelona for vacation for few days- For updates from Spain check and follow on instagram @dresslikea. And in case you're interested in having overload of pics in terms of our trip - check out and follow @mhsandberg as well. And some recent pics via the IG-account where I actually am much more active at least in terms of wiwt-pics than what I've been here€¦ What I wore last weekend: Jacket by Pal Zileri, mtm-trousers from Herrainpukimo, Gran Sasso shirt and Christian Kimber suede loafers. Our new apartment we moved into last week is about ready. And it's looking pretty good€¦ Fabric for a new mtm-suit in the making by Vaatturiliike Sauma. And here we go -...

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