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25/2015 - Smart & Casual weekend wear

The last days of April here in Helsinki are always a little bit ambivalent. On one hand you can already start wearing loafers but on the other hand the weather is still favorable for those who want to keep wearing their winter jackets and roll neck sweaters. As I personally favor both (loafers without socks and roll necks), on Saturday I decided to combine them into one outfit. Always there is no need for puffy or striking pocket square. Actually with this outfit one could have left the square totally out, even though white tv-fold is always a safe bet.

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Casual Sunday in the city

Starting the week with a few shots from yesterday. Though the sun came out every now and then as we were walking around the city, the weather was extremely windy and in the end not really warm enough to go out with just a quilted Barbour jacket and a sweater. Casual and simple for Sunday This is pretty much what I like to wear for those casual days when there is no need to dress up in any way. Light colored denim with knitwear in colors of blue, brown or grey - this time the choice was grey lambswool by Uniqlo. These sweaters are actually a great deal considering the fact that they cost around 25 euros a piece. Sneakers...

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Casual @ London - Tower Hill

In case it’s not about work (or Pitti / some other #menswear related occasion) I like to go rather casual while traveling and holidays. I don’t really feel a need for example to wear a suit or a tie on my “free-time” and if possible I usually opt for light colored denim, simple button-ups & sweaters (nowadays crew necks) or rollnecks, sometimes maybe a “lightweight”, unstructured sport coat . Just as here, which is actually the fit I was wearing on my last day in London last week. This was also my first wear of the Barbour SL Bedale jacket that I bought during my visit @Trunk Clothiers. The jacket is a slimmed-down, shortened version of Barbour’s classic riding jacket, originally designed...

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