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Drakes London - Pitti Uomo 87

Next in line for the short reviews from Pitti Uomo  presenting the fall and winter 2015 collections is Drake's London.The overall theme and inspiration for the collection seems to arise from this idea of “rugged and rumbled elegance” where soft materials and delicate fabrics are combined with casual elements and textures.In terms of ties the collection features a few new materials such as hand printed buff madders, printed satins and woven shetlands. Personally I’m looking forward especially the grenadine ties mixing silk and shetland wool - showcasing a beautiful texture to combine with your woolen sport coats and suit jackets.One of the highlights of the collection for next fall and winter were the Drake’s by Cleeve of London shirting that...

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Christmas gift in detail - Drake's London Mughal print scarf

Light weight wool mughal print scarf by Drake’s London Sometimes a little bit of color or unusual pattern can bring an appropriate amount of edge to otherwise quite classic and simple winter ensemble. Here the orange mughal printed scarf by Drake’s is worn together with a checked flannel suit by G.Abo Napoli, made-to-order grenadine tie made by Arcuri Cravatte and shirt from Kamakura. Pocket square from The Tie Bar and shoes by Carmina. The scarf pictured - which I’ve been longing for (in this particular color) since I saw it the first time at Pitti Uomo last January when it was featured at the Drake’s London collection for this fall and winter season - was given to me as a Christmas gift...

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16/2014 - Tuesday details

Details of today’s fit which was something between formal and casual. First of all sport coat and a tie to keep the ensemble on the “dressed up”-side but on the other hand the cashmere cardigan and suede boots to dress it down a bit and to make it more suitable for the windy and moist weather. Sport coat: L.B.M 1911 Cardigan: Uniqlo Shirt: Mastai Ferretti Trousers: Finelta Shoes: Loake Tie: Schoffa PS: Drake’s London

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2014 - Checked details

Yesterday was quite a normal day at the office - wearing a dark blue suit made of Vitale Barberis featuring black subtle overcheck, minimal structure, soft shoulders and two patch pockets. More about the suit, which was and mtm-order via Herrainpukimo (Turku) coming up later as there are still some amendments that need to be make after I’ve a few more wears for it. An old denim shirt by Schoffa (mtm) and a woven end on end checked silk tie in navy and white from Drake’s London. The tie is actually one of the only “basic silk” ties I still keep in my rotation. Easy to knot and suitable for not just business but also for more formal occasions as well. Suede double...

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20/2014 - Flannel Monday details

Seems that time for (grey) flannel is here again. Pretty often my weeks are scheduled so that most of meetings are placed in the beginning of the week, i.e most of Mondays I go with a full suit and yesterday made no exception. Suit featuring Vitale Barberis flannel is made-to-measure by Sauma (Private Label), soft collar button-up shirt by Mastai Ferretti and the cashmere tie & tiger-printed pocket square by Drake’s London. Black doudble-monks, which I got via A Fine Pair Of Shoes and which despite the color have become one my favorites are made by Alfred Sargent. Wallet from Chester Mox and shades by Balenciaga.

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