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DLA - October inspiration

As it’s already October one can say that the fall is eventually now here and winter is starting to be pretty near. Days are getting shorter and the amount of light decreases significantly. On the other hand it means that one can get the overcoats and more heavier suits & sport coats from the closet and start to play with layers again.  Starting the week with a few things and pics that I’m personally inspired by and enthusiastic at the moment. When it comes to ties one can pretty easily go with basic rotation of silk ties (including knit ties, grenadines and shantung for example) through the year. But having some seasonal additions is a good and easy way to make...

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2014 - Late night Monday details

Started the week in the office with something between formal and casual, wearing my new made-to-measure suit from Sauma. Very satisfied with the result - a two-piece suit made of middle grey (semi) lightweight wool fabric with light blue and brown overcheck. Jacket of the suit is a single-breasted, features 2 patch pockets, 3-roll-2 buttoning and a little roped shoulders. More detailed review (and video) regarding the suit coming up. Wanted to keep the ensemble quite light colored, so picked a white merino wool turtle neck and pocket square (The unicorn square by Drake’s is still my favorite one) & shoes in shades of brown. Based on pictures it seems that my shoes could also use some welt edge dressing for...

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Drake's London F/W 2014 look book

Shot at the streets of Shoreditch in London and in their own factory facilities at No.3 Haberdasher Street, the fall and winter look book of Drake’s London pays tribute to the area's rich heritage in textile production. The look book portrays the spirit of Drake’s by being simple yet effective, understated but still elegant and featuring whole range of casual wear, tailored garments and naturally full set of accessories. The collection itself features outstanding patterns, textures and colors - all effortlessly combined together in the outfits of the look book. In case one needs guidance on how to match colors and patterns - this set of photos is a good piece to start with. Although, if you wanna stay on the safe side of the road...

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Drake's London spring and summer ´15 @ Pitti Uomo 86

Next in line for the short reviews from Pitti Uomo is Drake’s London. Mostly known for their ties, Drake’s is not just the largest producer of premium neckties in Britain (producing around 100,000 ties per year, which includes ties made both under their own name and as private label for other well known brands) but also I dare to say, one of the best and most innovative brands in the accessory business. As being one of my personal favorite my expectations for Drake’s collections are always pretty high. Still - season after season these guys seem to exceed those expectations.           Selection of ties featuring finest silks, wools and linens, harmonized & compatible colors and classic but innovative...

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DLA visit at Drake's London Haberdasher Street Factory & Shop

At my most recent visit in London I got the chance to visit Drake's London and their new factory & showroom located on Haberdasher Street, in Shoreditch where they moved last February, bringing all their employees under the same roof for the first time ever.  New shop @Haberdasher Street One and maybe the most interesting part of the new facilities in they eyes of normal consumer is the "factory shop" that was launched this fall at the same premises. At the shop you can basically find bargains from sample items and collections of previous season. There's a full range of ties, pocket square, scarves but as well knitwear, outerwear and even some shoes from previous Drake's collaborations.  And it's good...

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