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Buttero - Pitti Uomo 87

Outside the scope of tailored #menswear, Italian Buttero - a company with over 40 years of experience of making high quality boots and shoes - is on of the stands I regularly make a visit during Pitti Uomo. This time they came up with a collection consisted of darker tones and options covering full range of casual footwear from their classic sneakers to runners and new innovated chelsea boots.Buttero FW2015 - not only sneakersAs mentioned above, in terms of colors and overall aesthetics the collection for next fall and winter is in fact pretty dark consisting of light brown, black, grey and burgundy - all matched and combined coherently. And not only the colors are mixed - the same has been done...

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Eton of Sweden - Pitti Uomo 87

Swedish shirt maker Eton is not just one the multiple different shirt makers any more. Last year they launched the most interesting collaboration - when it comes to #menswear - with Eidos Napoli and season after season they seem to step up their game not just in terms of shirts but with the range of accessories and overall look and feeling of the brand as well. But well, when a brand has a guy like Sebastian Dollinger as their head of design - what else can one expect. For the upcoming fall and winter season Eton has searched inspiration from nature; The impact of landscape and wild habitants by the Swedish archipelago is shown in the Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection through...

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Drakes London - Pitti Uomo 87

Next in line for the short reviews from Pitti Uomo  presenting the fall and winter 2015 collections is Drake's London.The overall theme and inspiration for the collection seems to arise from this idea of “rugged and rumbled elegance” where soft materials and delicate fabrics are combined with casual elements and textures.In terms of ties the collection features a few new materials such as hand printed buff madders, printed satins and woven shetlands. Personally I’m looking forward especially the grenadine ties mixing silk and shetland wool - showcasing a beautiful texture to combine with your woolen sport coats and suit jackets.One of the highlights of the collection for next fall and winter were the Drake’s by Cleeve of London shirting that...

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Mismo fall and winter 2015 - Pitti Uomo 87

Form and function influenced by appreciation for timeless design, durable natural materials and performance - that’s what Danish Mismo is about. They are about to making products where designs embrace the synergy between aesthetics and purpose. The bags merge robust fabrics made exclusively for the company, lush premium leathers with high endurance zips, brass hardware and often graphic textures. Each piece includes only what is needed to fit the purpose, nothing more, nothing less. Mismo fall and winter 2015As usual - in terms of the collection that was seen at Pitti Uomo - Mismo made no shortcomings and it seems that there is a really nice and versatile selection coming to stores next fall. The collection is strongly based on classic and known Mismo-designs spiced...

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The GIGI fall and winter 2015 - Pitti Uomo 87

Italian The Gigi presented at Pitti Uomo now their third full collection. With an aim to experiment and to create new innovations in terms of materials, processing techniques and finishes the collection continues to renew the view and understanding of classic #menswear. In general it could be said there was not much new or revolutionary presented during the fair in Florence - which for anyone - like me - who values simplicity and minimalism is pretty much a good thing. That said the approach by The Gigi and the way of thinking by Boglioli brothers Mario and Pierluigi that clearly differs from many classic #menswear brands and takes us away from the comfort zone - while still paying attention to the quality -...

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