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Cardigan for fall and winter

Cardigans are great for when you transition out of summer and into fall. Or out of winter into spring. Lightweight cardigan gives you an additional layer of warmth for the days when when it's sunny, but still slightly chilly. And they are a good way to layer and bring little variation to your attires. Recently I wrote about shawl collar cardigans and how they are staple pieces in men's wardrobe. But in terms of cardigans, shawl collar is not the only option. In this post I take a brief look at the other option you have to step up your knitwear and "layering game". The days are getting colder but this one is simple yet effective. A basic white tee with a...

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Chukka boots for fall

Chukka boot is one of the most versatile shoe types there is for men. A simple shoe that is easily adaptable for different styles and occasions. Chukka boots can also be considered as one of the only models one can basically wear round  the year no matter the weather. Chukka boots are the second in row on my series of reviews regarding fall and winter boots. I personally have two pairs at the moment. One pair made of brown suede by Loake and one in light sand color suede by Sutor Mantellassi. If you are looking for a new pair, chukka boots are definitely an option worth to consider. id="" My old and used Sutor Mantellassi boots. With a little patina...

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Casual outerwear & cashmere - weekend inspiration

If you wear suits, sport coats through the week, you might want to go for something more relaxed when it comes to weekends. For casual weekend wear there might not be a better combination than denim, cozy knitwear and a waxed cotton jacket. For weekend inspiration a simple kit that will keep you covered through fall weekends. In fact, I am traveling today to Estonia wearing an outfit pretty much like the one here. Casual outerwear & cozy knitwear Waxed cotton jacket, cashmere sweater, lightweight denim and classic leather sneakers. That is a simple yet refined combination that you can wear for multiple purposes. And this combination you can build with also with more limited budget. In my opinion a...

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Balmoral boots for different occasions

Balmoral (dress) boots are not the most common sight on the streets. But still it is time to give a little more attention to this elegant and smart shoe type. If you wear a suit to work on daily basis, I suggest to have at least a pair of dress boots in your rotation. I start the reviews of fall and winter boots from the formal end of the range. I personally have two pairs at the moment. One pair made of brown calf leather by Grenson and one twot-tone pair made of espresso calf and purple suede by Alfred Sargent. align="alignnone" Antique oak calf mixed with a brown country calf grain shaft by Meermin. Original post from September 2013....

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My wish list for Santa

It's almost Christmas again. This year I am not gonna write any kind of "gift guide lists" but instead - like last year - I decided to do a short write-up considering my own wish list for this Christmas. In other words listing of products or things what I'd like to buy for myself. Of course one can read this also as a set of "tips what to buy". So take a look this "DressLikeA"-wish list in case you haven't yet got any ideas and are still looking for something to get for your friends, parents or for your partner. Skincare, grooming products and fragrances Taking care of your body, skin, hair and scent are at least as important as taking...

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