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Handmade from Detroit (and Napoli) - Francesco Serraiocco ties

I have said it earlier but one of the best things in #menswear is when you get to know new brands, new garments and people behind them. In the summer a friend of my Corey, who also is the founding editor of A&H Magazine introduced me a brand I had no earlier experience or knowledge about, though I had seen some pics on web and on instagram which had attracted my interest. The brand was and is called Francesco Serraiocco.  An example of wearing the tie in "smart casual" set-up. For more details and pics check the post here. Francesco Serraiocco ties - made by hand Frank is a young and talented guy - based in Detroit, USA - whose brand Francesco Serraiocco is concentrated...

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Viola Milano F/W 2014

Even though weather is still pretty warm (at least here in Finland) one can sense that autumn is coming as most of the brands are already coming up their fall and winter collections. Viola Milano is no exception as they yesterday launched the first patch of their fall collection for ties. At this point it’s only about ties as pocket squares, beanies and scarves for colder months will be released in the first week of September. Cashmere for all occasions In terms of ties the collection for fall is basically based on two different materials, wool and cashmere. Cashmere ties come in two different folds, 3-folds for the striped ones and 7-folds for the plain, one-colored ones. In addition there’s a selection...

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Viola Milano S/S ´14

Spring is here and Viola Milano launched their new spring & summer collection this week. In addition to ties, pocket squares and bracelets the selection is now widened to comprise umbrellas, braces and different kind of horn accessories. These items are not just seasonal but meant to stay in the collection “for good”.   From the new collection - meticulously handcrafted umbrellas made in Naples by Mario Talarico. Also new - handmade horn accessories and braces from United Kingdom. In addition to the newly developed products mentioned above, the S/S ´14 collection includes bunch of new tie designs, socks, pocket squares and of course bracelets. Here’s few of my favorites in terms of the ties.     S/S illustration by the talented Mr....

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Saman Amel - quality neckwear from Sweden

I’ve said this before but one thing I personally value a lot is seeing people going after their dreams and making them come true.  Last June in Pitti Uomo I once again had the pleasure to meet a lot of new people and make new friends. One of the guys I met was a young Swede, Saman Amel - one of the two guys behind the young brand Saman Amel, based in Stockholm and specialized in ties and other accessories. Made in Sweden  One of things the guys behind Saman Amel are rightly proud is the fact that all products are not just designed but as well produced personally by their own team in Stockholm, Sweden. The main focus is on...

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Time for fall ties

Seasonal features Even though it’s still surprisingly warm here in Finland, prelude of September is a good time to start looking at the seasonal pieces for the fall. And as I today came by the pictured ties (that I purchased last spring from Gant “sample sale” but that haven’t yet been used even once) while going through my closet I thought neckwear might be a good choice to begin with. Having “seasonal ties” is not in any case a must and there’s definitely no problem wearing one’s basic rotation of silk ties (including knit ties, grenadines and shantung for example) through the year. But having some seasonal additions is a good and easy way to make the selection a bit...

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