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5 x denim shirt

After writing on Wednesday about denim shirts I got a couple of questions about where to get them. The question is quite accurate as the limited edition of denim fabrics for custom shirts by Proper Cloth mentioned in the post was sold out in less than 12 hours. So I decided to come up with a few ready-to-wear options to check out in case you are looking for a denim shirt to wear this spring and summer. The picture above - by Gothenburg-based Spiga3 - showcasing a Finamore denim shirt together with a sport coat by Boglioli and Entre Ami cream white colored cotton trousers is a great example of springish way to combine denim. In case you are looking for something more...

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Denim shirt - how to find the right one?

Are you looking for a versatile shirt to combine with your sport coats? Or something to wear under your suit on a casual Friday. If you are, a high-quality denim shirt is an option worth to consider. Put This On recently published an inspiring article about denim shirts. After that I realized that I actually have almost as many denim shirts in my closet than I have usable white button-up shirts. That is a clear sign of my relationship with denim shirts. I do like them a lot. But what makes a denim shirt my favorite? align="alignnone" From last summer at Pitti Uomo - wearing monochrome blue look, featuring a dark blue denim shirt. Pic by Neil Watson for Denim shirt -...

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