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Meermin launches new website and mto-program

Spanish Meermin has recently launched a new website including clearer, simple and fresh look & lay-out. But what’s most interesting part of the “reformation” is their newly launched mto-program. New Meermin MTO-group program According to the site Made To Order Group is a new & very dynamic way to offer clients a wider range of possibilities. The system is based on crowd sourcing method, where it is left for the clients to decide what items move on to production and what doesn’t. The program works so that customers support the new item they like and once the number of units supported reaches the campaign goal, the item is successfully funded and Meermin starts the production. This means that Made To Order groups are all-or-nothing, if the 100%...

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3x suede loafers for summer

In my opinion, (suede) loafer is the ultimate summer shoe.  Loafers in general, especially penny loafer is a model that is a classic but has also become increasingly popular among footwear manufacturers (and #menswear aficionados) recently. One of the best features when talking about loafers is the versatility as they can be combined with shorts in summer on one day and paired with a suit on another. Some wear them sockless some add personal style by using socks with multiple colors and patterns. Finally some want their loafers in brown calf leather so that they can create a nice patina, some prefer suede and for one black patent leather is the right choice. As said, loafers are a perennial menswear...

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Meermin snuff suede PTB - mto

I just recently got a question how our Meermin MTO PTBs turned out and I need to say it turned out really great. The specs we ordered it were following: Plain toe derby - 5 eyelets Rui-last Double rubber (dainite) sole Snuff rapello suede Sky welt The order took a bit over 3 months to be delivered and the schedule held pretty well if I remember correct. Have no complaints, the finishing is on a good level, all the specs were as they were suppose to be and the quality of the suede is commendable in my book. Will probably go for another mto-order soon. And I will also come up with a more detailed review regarding the mto-loafers I got...

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Meermin shoes for women

As said couple of times I don't often post anything about womens style. But today I do. I thought I'd share some news from Mallorca as Meermin has recently been expanding their range of footwear for ladies as well. I was able to take a look of some of these models earlier this year at their Trunk Show held in Stockholm and now they are also available at their online store (see the post regarding the trunk show from here). Meermin Mallorca for women The women I know use basically either boots, high-heels or sneakers but rarely anything with goodyear-welted construction. One reason for that (at the same time keeping in mind the fact that it's probably impossible to make aesthetically pleasing high-heels with...

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Plain toe blucher for casual wear

PTB seems to be the “new double monk” as it keeps becoming more and more popular and more featured in the #menswear-scene… Even though I’m not replacing my monks to these (yet) myself, I have to admit that I’m planning to add a pair to my rotation as the fall comes. Check out the full post @Editors’ Notes. And for my Finnish followers - if you’re keen, I’m organizing a group mto order with Meermin at the moment for a plain toe blucher made of snuff rapello suede. More details at (or just hit me with a message if you’re interested).

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