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Buttero - spring and summer 2015 @ Pitti Uomo 86

There’s only a week before heading again to Florence for Pitti Uomo 87. As I noticed there are still some unpublished photos regarding the collections and makers I paid a visit in June I thought they would serve as a good “warm up” for the upcoming fair. So next week will be about those few collections for the upcoming season as well as getting ready to travel. Starting with Buttero - Italian shoe maker that nowadays is best know for their high-quality sneakers. Even though the brand may not be that well-known outside the #menswear and sneaker-aficianados, Buttero already celebrated it’s 40th anniversary with the collection that was seen at Pitti last summer. Spring and summer 2015 - “Dirty white” The “theme”...

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Scarves for Fall?

It's been cold week here in Helsinki and this morning temperature seemed to have fallen below zero. This has led many to dig out their winter gear from storage, including more thicker and warmer scarves. Although scarves - depending on material of course - are suitable for all seasons, for many it still is an accessory especially for fall and winter weather.  One of the most inspiring “scarf”-shots - Neil of A&H Magazine in his casual kit. Pic courtesy of Christopher Fenimore. Colors and textures perfectly combined by Alan See of The Armoury. To read more about scarves for this season - check the post I wrote for 5x scarf for the season In case you are looking for a...

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DLA - October inspiration

As it’s already October one can say that the fall is eventually now here and winter is starting to be pretty near. Days are getting shorter and the amount of light decreases significantly. On the other hand it means that one can get the overcoats and more heavier suits & sport coats from the closet and start to play with layers again.  Starting the week with a few things and pics that I’m personally inspired by and enthusiastic at the moment. When it comes to ties one can pretty easily go with basic rotation of silk ties (including knit ties, grenadines and shantung for example) through the year. But having some seasonal additions is a good and easy way to make...

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Something else for Saturday - Tough Viking x #tyylit

About a month ago together with a few friends we got this idea of taking part for a happening called Tough Viking - now being organized for the first time in Helsinki. Although I wasn’t’ suppose to be in the team in the first place as I got the weekend already scheduled for other things but in the end it seems that in a couple of hours I will be participating for this run after all.  12km run and 15 obstacles including ice water, mud, fire, monkey bars, american football players and electricity…  To read more - check the part I, II and III

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