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The GIGI fall and winter 2015 - Pitti Uomo 87

Italian The Gigi presented at Pitti Uomo now their third full collection. With an aim to experiment and to create new innovations in terms of materials, processing techniques and finishes the collection continues to renew the view and understanding of classic #menswear. In general it could be said there was not much new or revolutionary presented during the fair in Florence - which for anyone - like me - who values simplicity and minimalism is pretty much a good thing. That said the approach by The Gigi and the way of thinking by Boglioli brothers Mario and Pierluigi that clearly differs from many classic #menswear brands and takes us away from the comfort zone - while still paying attention to the quality -...

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Tagliatore fall and winter 2014 - Go bold with patterns

As an inspiration boost for the weekend a quick look into the fall and winter collection for this season by Italian Tagliatore. The garments designed by Tagliatore - its head designer Pino Lerario to be exact - get their inspiration from the Italian and Neapolitan classic tailoring but are enriched with special and personal accessories. Even though Tagliatore is still quite an unknown name for many - among those who know - it is regarded as one of the top names in terms of fabric treatments, production processes, innovation and design. And when all this is combined with a decent price range it is no surprise that the brand arouses interest. Bold patterned sport coats For this season the collection of Tagliatore seems to...

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Tombolini spring and summer 2015 @ Pitti Uomo 86

Before moving on to Pitti Uomo 87 next week there is room for one more review dating back to June - featuring Tombolini, a classic Italian family company that celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. Shades of blue and business wear Tombolini has every time at Pitti been one of my personal favorites as they keep coming up with comprehensive collections that cover not only business, formal, casual or some "trendy" parts of their line-up at the booth but the whole selection in a very compatible way. That being said - for the second time in a row it seemed that in terms of the display the company had dropped a part of the more casual stuff, keeping the coverage...

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RVR Lardini fall and winter 2014

Yesterday I wrote shortly about the main line of Lardini for this fall and winter and today it is good to continue with their second line, named RVR which refers to the reversibility of all garments included. For this season the collection includes items of outerwear in which natural fabrics such as wool or cashmere are combined with water-repellent technical materials.   The most well-played piece of this seasons collection is the classic olden jacket that morphs into a hooded parka on the technical fabric side. Another personal favorite is this double-breasted “blazer” of which the woolen side is suitable even for office use for example with flannel slacks and the army green technical fabric on the other side works for casual...

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Lardini Fall and Winter 2014

When it comes to individual brands, Italian Lardini is one of my personal favorites. The company that was created and still run by the siblings Andrea, Luigi and Lorena Lardini is known for the development, innovation and experimentation it invests in to create products - with versatility of different fabrics, patterns and special treatments - that combine the art of hand tailoring and cutting-edge machinery. All of the products are manufactured entirely in Filottrano, Italy. The collection for this particular season - featuring reversible overcoat and suits, a load of garment dyed garments and innovative play with patterns and textures - was on the top of my list as I saw it at Pitti Uomo last January. To read more my thoughts after seeing it...

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