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07/06/2015 - Casual Summer Sunday

Today a short sneak peek into an outfit appropriate for a casual city stroll. For sunny and warm (yet a bit windy) Sunday I decided to go for a semi-casual combination featuring some linen, suede and lightweight denim. And my new Balmuir Panama hat. Linen in different forms A while ago I wrote about linen shirts and as mentioned there in terms of summer and lighter fabrics choices linen is for many the ultimate choice. Today I decided to go for linen myself as well - in two different forms. First of all I took my blue linen safari jacket out of the closet for the first time this summer. The jacket is made by Italian Gutteridge. I bought it two years...

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25/2015 - Smart & Casual weekend wear

The last days of April here in Helsinki are always a little bit ambivalent. On one hand you can already start wearing loafers but on the other hand the weather is still favorable for those who want to keep wearing their winter jackets and roll neck sweaters. As I personally favor both (loafers without socks and roll necks), on Saturday I decided to combine them into one outfit. Always there is no need for puffy or striking pocket square. Actually with this outfit one could have left the square totally out, even though white tv-fold is always a safe bet.

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19012015 - Checked blazer in the office

As mentioned a couple of times - after holidays and Pitti  - on Monday it was time to get back in the office and regular day work.Started the week with combination between formal and casual - a bold patterned sport coat by Lardini combined with a new addition in my wardrobe - nice detailed grey flannel trousers from Finealta (more about these coming later) and chestnut colored oxfords by Alfred Sargent. As the sport coat itself is bold enough when it comes to office wear - in terms of color I tried to keep the combination restrained and go with no pattern in the shirt, tie or pocket square. Wearing: Blazer: Lardini Shirt: Isaia (mtm) Trousers: Finealta Tie: Viola Milano...

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Restrained seasonal inspiration by Finealta

Two favorite manufacturers and brands of mine seems to be brought together as the fall and winter look book by Korean trousers maker Finealta is this time featured with blazers and overcoats by Italian G.Abo. Charasteristic of both is to bring modern and personal details to otherwise classic garments. Whereas G.Abo makes jackets that feature the classic neapolitan tailoring and style combined with bold patterns and recognizable elements such as the wide lapels, Finealta makes modern interpretations of trousers that are as suitable for office wear as they are for casual occasions - depending the way you choose to combine them. For this season Finealta has come up with a couple of new models (which unfortunately have been available only...

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2014 - Weekend blues

Getting the week started with some shots from Saturday. Had a great day going through some second-hand shops in Helsinki and after that enjoying some burgers at the best burger joint in town at the Market Hall. As the day was luckily rainless, though a bit windy I ended up wearing my woolen overcoat in addition to sweater and a sport coat - all featuring different shades of blue. And so that it would not be too monochromatic a little splash of color in the form of scarf with restraint beige and bold orange in the gloves. Herringbone in the overcoat, checks on the sport coat. Some say you should never wear your overcoat unbuttoned. So I buttoned it. Some...

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