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How to tie a tie?

How to tie a tie is a topic many guys keep asking and thinking. And actually internet is also full of different guides and even videos about "how to make the right tie knot"? However those videos and guides usually just gives you technical instructions for different types of tie knots. To know the different types and possibilities is important but even more you should focus on the question how to tie a good looking knot and keep in mind that in the end there's no right or wrong way to tie a tie, but only the ways you like to tie it. This is the answer I usually give whenever someone asks me how I like to tie my...

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Office casual - seasonal sport coats and flannel trousers

Last weekend I went through my rotation of suits and sport coats, put those more lightweight and summer colored pieces back to storage and took some seasonal pieces made of flannel and heavier wool fabrics back to the rack. Among those seasonal fall and winter jackets was also the pictured sport coat by Italian G.Abo. Made of semi lightweight wool fabric with a blue and brown overcheck, minimal construction, no lining and featuring two patch pockets, soft shoulder structure and 3-roll-2 buttoning it is a pretty much a perfect sport coat for fall season. In my book the jacket is especially appropriate to be used for those semi-formal office days when you don't need to be fully dressed up but...

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Monthly DLA-instagram review - August & September

As you have probably noticed (and as I have mentioned earlier) my posting frequency has slowed down a bit during the last months. There are couple of reasons for that. First one is due to my job that has kept my fairly busy this fall and the other one is a project you will soon hear more and that will take DressLikeA into a whole new level. Regarding that the site will also soon get a new platform and facelift which will also make it easier and pleasurable to read. So don't worry, there are good things in the pipeline, stay tuned.But before that I try to keep the pace steady and there will for sure be some interesting stuff to...

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How to wear monochrome colors

Can men wear outfits featuring monochrome colors? Usually when talking about "how to combine colors" or "how to wear different colors together", one of the first rules is to ensure that you have enough contrast between different pieces of your outfit. In general there are at least two points that should always be kept in mind. Wear a shirt that is lighter than your jacket Wear a tie that is darker than your shirt id="attachment_9466" align="alignnone" These Carmina double monks are probably the most worn pair in my rotation at the moment. They are suitable with suits, flannel slacks and even with denim. Sum Up  In general monochrome outfits are more appropriate for semi-casual occasions. For the most formal or business-oriented ones...

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We combined forces between and Vaatturiliike Sauma for the third time in a row and as a result the lookbook for upcoming fall and winter season is now up and live. Here are a few sneak peek shots, but for full weekend inspiration you can find the full post from here - "Vaatturiliike Sauma x - syksy ja talk 2015 lookbook"   Set I Overcoat: Tagliatore Suit: Tombolini Shirt: Sonrisa Tie: Amanda Christensen Bag: Bonastre  Shoes: Carmina Set II Sport coat: Lardini Shirt: Sonrisa Trousers: Berwich Tie: Viola Milano Shoes: Carmina Set III Overcoat: People of Shibuya Knitwear: Gran Sasso Trousers: Dondup  Shoes: Common Projects

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